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14 Years and Counting, Since 2005


Waiehu Kou Phase 3, Maui, Hawaii.

On January 28, 2005, the Waiehu Kou 3 subdivision on Maui came into existence. The first of 115 homes were turned over to their new owners by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, (DHHL).

The Waiehu Kou 3 subdivision consists of two-, three- and four-bedroom homes. Of these, 79 were developer-built and the remaining 36, were owner-builder construction. The average size of each lot is 8,000 square feet, with homes ranging in cost from $99,850 to $235,850.

 Our community is made up of a diverse cross section of native Hawaiians from Maui, other Hawaiian Islands, and the continental USA. 

We enjoy a beautiful, breezy climate with a peaceful life-style. Waiehu Kou is connected by good roads, within close proximity to both Wailuku, the county seat, and Kahului, the commercial hub and main harbor on Maui. The roads north of the sub-division get narrow and zigzag as they pass through Waihe’e town going toward Kahakuloa and Lahaina.

The focus of our Board of Directors, in conjunction with our Hui Chief network is to provide our homesteaders with a viable means of presenting their concerns and working through implementing solutions that consider diversified community input.

Food Security has been identified as a priority we as a Hawaiian Homestead Community wish to establish and see it’s synchronization with the mandate of the Hawaiian Home Act.

We are thankful for Prince Kuhio's vision of returning the native Hawaiian people back to their aina and find truth in the saying, “Maui No Ka ‘Oi”.


Board of Directors

7 Directors

The Board Directors consist of 7 lease holders who reside here in the Homestead. These Directors serve two year terms voted in during an annual meeting of the Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association, Inc. membership. Their main duties include administrative oversight of Association financials and policy decisions. Currently installed as  Directors are lessees Calvin Ah Loy, Cranston Kapoi, Edmond Auwae, Annie AuHoon, Treasuer Sheldene Hozaki, Vice President Daniel Ornellas, and President Roy Oliveira.  

Directors Phone & Email Contacts


Hui Chief Network

12 Hui Chiefs

The second tier of the Homesteads leadership lahui is made-up of residence of our subdivision, and not necessarily lessees. This was done to be more inclussive of everyone living here. the task of this group is to provide a conduit of communication within this random grouping of no more than 10 adjacent household to bring concerns to the Board Directors and vice versa, from Directors to the lessees. These Hui Chiefs may be required to preform other functions from time to time mostly to do with community safety co-ordination in case of natural disaster.


Homestead Lessees

All Lessees of Waiehu Kou 3


The most important part of our Association are the individual lessees that make-up its membership. These Hawaiian Home Land beneficiaries are the reason we continue as community leaders to push for the State of Hawaii and DHHL to be transparent and honorable in their Administration of the Trust Lands ceded to the kanaka maoli by our monarchy. The US Congress upon the illegal overthrow of our legitimate Hawaiian monarchy sought to make some kind of amends through Prince Kuhio 1920 legislation. Now the State of Hawaii and DHHL by agreement with the US Federal Government at Statehood in '59 are still falling far short of the promised goal of "rehabilitating"  Hawaiians back to their aina. There is a role for our kind of sovereignty here on the Homestead and a push to keep our independence strong.

Homestead Leadership

Waiehu Kou 3 Governing Documents



 Letters of Incorporation 


 DHHL Lessee Handbook 

 DHHL Administrative Rules 

Previous Board Directors Meetings Documents

Board Directors Yearly projected Meeting Schedule click on above circled graphic


Next Directors Meeting 10/12/19, Saturday at Lot #90, 7:30 am. Documents will be made available here for download as meeting nears, please preview and print on links provided.

Director Proxy download 

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WK 3 Leadership Options

This Blue Section is Geared for Leadership Interaction

From time to time an issue may present itself and Board members may be asked to participate online through a Make Contact Box on this web page, below. You may be asked to take part in a discussion which you can offer your opinion. A vote may be sought in order to appropriate funds to cover Association expenses or implement a policy. Since we have adapted an every other month meeting schedule things might need attention and this will let the Board  be more flexible and timely with a response. This blue section will need to be checked periodically for Action items that may require Board attention.

I have set aside this section of the web site in order to deal with administrative function of the Homestead leadership. I wish to initiate an interactive frame work to encourage discussion, advocate preferred points of view, and document votes on policy, all done online. 

I will run bulleted Action items in the side bar to the right, opposite this text. They may require your view point for a discussion or your vote on an appropriation . Your response to these Action items will require you to use the Make Contact box, below (white highlighted section), and make sure to include Action item description so as to keep track of what is being commented on or voted for.

I hope everyone can follow this, tried to make it as simple as I could.   

Roy Oliveira

Current Issues Needing Board Director Action and/or Hui Chief Participation in Discussion

  • Discussion: Waiehu Kou entrance signage. 

Plan, Layout, and Cost Analysis 

Make Contact: Comment, Promote, or Cast your Vote

Board Directors and Hui Chiefs mana'o

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Mahalo Leadership for your kokua.

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