Lessee Concerns, Bring them to Leadership's Attention


How do you Contact?

1.Contact Us Form on Contact Us page accessed by web site navigation menu (above). 

2. Online at our email box waiehukouphase3association@hotmail.com

3. US mail, Waiehu Kou Phase 3 Association C/O J.S. Properties of Maui Management, Inc., 1962 Wells Street Ste B, Wailuku, HI. 96793

4. all Board of Directors phone numbers are listed on our website and community bulletin board.

5. the Hui Chief network in our neighborhood has also been used to bring your concerns to the Board. 

Member Issues that you would like to bring to the attention of the Board of  Directors. As Directors we are elected and are  responsible to the DHHL lessee on your homestead. We ask if you are serious about an issue or want to log a complaint you identify yourself and become part of a solution. State your concern and include your name, lot, and phone number. Please use one of the below listed methods of contact.

Mahalo for your 

kind attention,

Roy Oliveira