A physical completion of the long winding trail to the upper forest Turn around lends itself to a real feeling of accomplishment by all participants. The chanting of our Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner Kekai (powerful mana) and reintroduction of native trees into this forest fulfilled a Spiritual component of our resiliency mission.

Koa Hewahewa spoke of his Poly (Polynesian)-Forestry concept in the best classroom setting available. Reintroduction of native flora Koa, Ohia, and Kukui, back into the environment help all of us seal a new bond with our aina. Kekai’s chanting echoed our commitment to this resiliency we are now seeking to establish.

Koa tree planting

Text Box: Informational Workshop Hālāwai
Wednesday, July 18, 5-7pm / St. Ann Church Waihe’e
Text Box: Hike 
Sunday, July 29, 7am-4pm / Waiehu Kou 3 Lot #90



Propper Land Management, Soil Erosion Mitigation, Access and Gathering Rights

Maka’ala Project 

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Daniel Ornellas   

Leadership Makaala Project

Morning Pep-Talk, Days Agenda

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Koa tree planting

Koa Hewahewa an advocate of the Poly-Forestry concept

Ohia tree planting

Goofing around

Getting to meet and engage with others of like minds, kanaka and malihini can have a common link.

When the feet and knees get tired the okole needs to sit down

Some of the things we all got to see, priceless.

Huakai participants collection of stream rolled pohaku to help set the foundation of our ahu marker.

The long and winding “OLD GOVERNMENT ROAD”, access to our aina if we claim it.

Trying to out race the afternoon ua

Kanani Kan Hai, and son, mahalo to Maka’ala Projects Logistics-Coordinator setting up all the water, first aid, food, and tools that made for a safe event.

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Kekai Robinson

Leadership Makaala Project

Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner

Telling the stories that explain our cultural ties to our aina