Resolve: The pilikia that perpetuated in the emergency meeting called by Association Board Director Cranston Kapoi on  5/24, where some of the other Board Directors, Hui Chiefs, and interested lessees came together to seek a resolution of some safety concerns that erupted in the homestead over the previous month have now been addressed.

In the spirit of the Hawaiian cultural practice of Ho’oponopono all parties involved brought out their issues and concerns relevant to traffic congestion, noise, suspicious activity and miscommunication which identified questionable activity which come under the mandate, kuleana of homestead DCCRs. This kind of process of confronting a divisive subject is difficult when also navigating groups, personalities, and emotions that are strained and I must confess upon reflection, I, myself could have been a better and more equitable mediator. Daniel Ornellas Board Vice President and myself concluded and let it be known at the end of this  meeting that the Homestead Association would seek resolution of this based on DCCR documents governing this Hawaiian Home Land Homestead.

The steps taken immediately following this fact finding meeting was a two week cooling off period where randomly timed golf cart patrolling of affected areas was initiated to monitor compliance of DCCR rules. Also with the promised cooperation of the Maui office of DHHL, and Mona Kapaku who was at Ho’oponopono, new lessees and family under expanded occupancy policy will be brought to Association Board attention so we are aware of turnovers. Board Directors can then meet new people introduced to our neighborhood, where a initial greeting and introduction to how things are done here is promptly forthcoming.

Miscommunication was the main contributor to this issue and although this kind of arbitration is one of the least attractive duties to me of community governance, it is never the less an aspect of it that we can only hope to get better at.

R. Oliveira

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Text Box: A Kāhea for Tolerance, Compassion, and Respect                      R. Oliveira

Resolving community challenges and finding a path through a chaotic event or a thread of events is something that takes a grasp of problem  solving that I must admit is an elusive an evolving target at best.

We are blessed by the tradition of a cultural legacy that was recognized by our kupuna and practiced as ho’opono pono. I do not profess to be a cultural expert of the ho’opono pono concept but have a view that this negotiating tool has great potential for community building and diffusing divisive issues and promote solidarity and conciliation in the homestead. Realizing this, I must admit I myself was not as resilient as I could have been as a mediator to guide the gathering this past Thursday evening, 5/24 where some of the Association Board Directors, Hui Chiefs, and interested lessees came together to resolve some safety concerns that have erupted in the past month.

I am not here to attach blame because I only see lack of communication as the root of the pilikia that has reared up its head and I am resolved to address this so as to learn and get past this and heal the disruptive affects before any malignancy sets itself in to the detriment of our homestead.

We are here for 99 years and need to establish a strong sense of Tolerance, Compassion, and Respect for each other and begin to move our community toward another cultural legacy, that of ALOHA, the quicker we embrace this, young and old, opio and kupuna, the longer we enjoy the benefit of living under this amiable concept, that has of late gained global traction.


No kelā kau he’wa

The wrong is of that (not this) season.



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DHHL needs to reexamine its fiduciary responsibilities

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 Support Forensic Audit of OHA

Those in charge need to show more transparency in order to reestablish the trust (in Trustee) which I believe is sorely lacking given the scandalous recent history of OHA. The previous mistakes made need to be documented in order they don't  repeat themselves and those who promoted those discrepancies need to be held to task. This is the path to reestablishing OHA into an organization that gave so many Hawaiians hope for a more productive future and restore its integrity.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has long been criticized for mismanagement, especially in delays and inconsistencies in its mission of providing homestead land to eligible native Hawaiians. Mahealani Richardson moderates a discussion that asks: How Can the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Better Serve Its Beneficiaries?

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How Can the DHHL Better Serve Its Beneficiaries?

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Financing Options for DHHL Lessees

Bank of Hawaii

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A Fireside Chat With Andria Tupola

Know Your Candidates:

Gubernatorial Debate Hanabusa / Ige

Exercise your right to voice your mana’o, by backing the people who have your interest at heart (whom ever they may be).





General candidates

David Ige (D)  (Incumbent)


Andria Tupola (R)

Jim Brewer (Green Party)

Terrence Teruya   


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